About Us

Named after the Calleta Silkmoth, our company admires the life of a silkworm transitioning through metamorphosis.

Calleta SilkmothWe “transform” things to make them beautiful.
We “advance” systems to make them more agile.
We “alter” the nature of IT systems to allow them to have greater benefit.
In general, we “develop” in serious way.

A small Texas company, Calleta Consulting LLC was born in 2016. Honoring small contracts and partnering with companies such as DYD Creative Solutions, we service the greater Houston area, but we also have the ability to perform remote work as necessary. Our expertise centers on web based, cloud, and mobile development solutions with specialization in the Financial and Energy industries.

Travis Cherry, a Houston native with over 20 years of IT expertise, currently serves as the CEO.
A proud Air Force veteran and member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2000, Travis has developed many systems over his career. From tracking and storing blood units for patient transplantation to commodity trade systems handling millions of dollar’s worth of energy transactions, he continues to build on to his long list of IT solutions that are in continued use today.